Swedens best Hearthstone player to join Riddle eSports

We are thrilled to announce that we just signed Swedens best Hearthstone player, he goes by the name Peter “Deathbosse” Laihinen. Deathbosse got the title by attending and winning the Swedish National Championships. The esportsm finals was played at Dreamhack Summer 2016 and this granted him 30 000 SEK.

This is what Peter “DeathBosse” had to say to this
What made you pick Riddle?
Im tired of teams treating their players like shit and no love and respect for what they wish. I was planning on being a free agent until new year. Though I came to the conclusion that I might aswell help Riddle with some well deserved exposure. I respect the honesty and player love that exists from boss to players and vise versa and you have the best shirts (jersey’s)

What are your upcoming Hearthstone plans?
Building up a streaming setup, going to attend Dreamhack winter for sure. Might be some more this year but not sure, only time will show

This is what Mohammed “KekMek” Barzinje” the founder & owner had to say about this:

We welcome Peter “DeathBosse” Laihinen to Riddle eSports, I was glad to hear that he wanted to join us. Ever since I first met him at Digitality X, I was really surprised of how much of an awesome and humble guy he was.Truly awesome to have him in Riddle

We look for to be working with you Peter!


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