Norgescup 2019

Now the second round of UKM`s Norgescup in League of Legends starts and Riddle Esport is really looking forward to it.

Riddle Esport follows the tournament closely and we are happy that UKM has this cup for the youth.

Riddle wish to contribute to make esport larger and a recognized sport in Norway and with this big arrangement by UKM we are sure it will lift esport to new heights.

For a long time, Riddle has been looking for a partnership with a youth organization, such as the one we now have made together with UKM.

Since we now have achieved this partnership we want to contribute with a price in the Norgescup.

Therefore, we have determined that the winning team will get a free weekend with our professional League of Legends players. Here they will get a to see and play at the training facilities which is in Sarpsborg Esportsenter and a tour of our head quarter with the possibility to see a live show from Riddle Studios.

At the Esportsenter you have the possibility to increase your skills as well as get new friends within the esports community.


We believe this is only the start of something big and we look forward the Norgescup at UKM.

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