Nordic Championship, Part 2

The second attempt.

We managed to qualify for the prestigious tournament Nordic Championship. We had three chances to qualify, after the first attempt we managed to lock-in 3rd/4th place which was very close but after with our second attempt we locked inn a astonishing first place.

The League of Legends roster for Nordic Championship is:
Toplaner – Ruben “Rudolf” Eik
Jungler – Andreas “Skude” Skude
Midlaner – Adam “Llder” Ilyasov
ADC – Mathias “Tide” Kruse
Support – Maximillian “StormFuryy” Schaller

We feel confident that this roster will do well, especially since we have practiced a lot for this tournament. We are the only team from Norway that is qualified so we feel obligated to do our best to show off Norway in international tournament.

Our first match is 26th of June 2018. It’s to be announced who we are facing in the first round.

Our goal is Top 2, Top 2 will qualify for EU Masters. A even more prestigious tournament that will be a clash between the best teams from every region in EU.

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