Announcement: Expanding & infrastructure

Today we have several big news and changes we are going to announce for you guys, we have signed a new partnership and expanded to some new and exciting e-sports titles and with that we have also expanded with some new members. So here it is.

We signed a partnership agreement with Fliffr, Fliffr is an app made by PeerCast AB that can be download from app store & Google Play.
For League of Legends we have a new member who will be the new assisting manager working close with Mohammed “KekMek” Barzinje.

William “SupremeHuman” Lunde – Assisting League of Legends Manager

In the Hearthstone front we will be adding a new manager who will be managing the hearthstone division for Riddle, we have a lot of confidence in this decision and wish to welcome him to Riddle.

Benjamin “Tengs” Tengs – Hearthstone Manager

The next big thing we are going to add to the team is our new beloved graphic design.

Henrik “Shamiefy” Lokander – Graphics Designer 

In the past weeks we have also announced these news on our facebook:

New hearthstone players for Riddle:
Thomas “Thomerio” Eriksen – Hearthstone Player
Øistein “TheRedArmy” Lysne – Hearthstone Player

We have picked up the best Norwegian Smash Bros player
Marlon “Woophee” Ryan – Smash Bros Player

We have also added a new streamer/personality:
Dina “DinaPlays” Hauge – Personality

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