4 Norwegian players to look out for in Nordic Championship

4 Norwegian players to look out for in Nordic Championship


In about a week the first round of Nordic Championship will start, Tuesday 03.07.2018 to be exact. Norway has 4 talented players that are attending this tournament, players for 2 different teams.


Isak “Energy” Fjell – Midlaner for Valhalla Vikings

Energy is a well known name in the scene, played for Besiktas (BJK). He is most famous for nearly killing Faker in a 1v1 fight at MSI. Energy is has a control mage & supportive type of play style, he loves to play champions like Lulu, Orianna & Karma but it doesn’t mean he won’t play other champions that are strong meta champions. He is really consistent and has a strong champion pool. 


Isak “Energy” Fjell // Photo: Mohammed Barzinje/ Riddle.no
Adam “LIder” Ilyasov – Midlaner for Riddle


Llder is a talented player that is hungry to show how good he actually is, consistent challenger player that has high mechanics and top tier game knowledge. He’s most known for his Yasuo and aggressive playstyle. If he gets a lead there is a big chance that he will carry his team to victory. He has previously won Telenorligaen (Norway’s National League) with Riddle and is now most likely very hungry to qualify for EU Masters.


Photo: Eivind Von Døhlen / Gamer.no
Adam “Llder” Ilyasov // Photo: Eivind Von Døhlen / Gamer.no
Ruben “Rudolf” Eik – Toplaner for Riddle


Rudolf is fairly new to the competitive scene, he got first picked up by Riddle, August 2017 and has since played for Riddle. Rudolf is a hard carry Toplaner that is able to carry his team if he gets ahead. He prefers to play carry champions but doesn’t mind to play champions that suit his team best.

Toplaner for Riddle
Ruben “Rudolf” Eik // Photo: Mohammed Barzinje / Riddle.no


Mathias “Tide” Kruse – Marksman for Riddle


Tide is known as the best Norwegian marksman by many, his mechanics, positioning and carry ability are all topnotch. Tide has played with many support throughout his career, this time he is going to play with his german support Maximilian “StormFuryy” Schaller. They are looking really strong and have a strong carry potential. 


Mathias “Tide” Kruse // Photo: Eivind Von Døhlen / Gamer.no

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